The Theatre Museum hosts regular exhibitions in various places, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions. Below is a list of the exhibitions that have been held to date. Click on the links for photos, posters, catalogues and text in Icelandic

Theatre in Kjós

Exhibition on the writer Loftur Gudmundsson  and the photographer Loftur Gudmundsson and the story of the amateur theatre company in Kjós 

Christmas in the theatre

Theatre Museum of Iceland was founded in 2003 and celebrated the 10th anniversary with this exhibition in the house Líkn in Reykjavik City Museum

Theatre in the Westfjords

Since the mid-19th century there were many amateur theatre companies in the Westfjords and many operated around the turn of the century 1900

Thorbjörn Egner

Thorbjorn Egner was a Norwegian playwright who wrote verses and songs and designed the costumes and scenery for own plays

Sets and illusions

Few set designers have a market as deep an imprint on the history of Reykjavik Theatre Company as Steinþór Sigurðsson

Theatre in Hafnarfjördur

Theatre in Hafnarfjördur is more than 130 years old. In the town both amateur theater companies and professional theaters have been operated

Act alone

Exhibition on the story of acting alone, on monodrama in the old community house in Haukadalur in collaboration with the Comedy Theatre in Isafjordur

Drama and the sea

Many Icelandic plays focus on the love/hate relations that the Icelanders have with the generous and perilous ocean

The theater´s cradle

Icelandic drama originated in the old part of Reykjavik. There were the first theater performances and the first theaters

Theatre in Akureyri

The first theater performance in Akureyri was in 1860, Intrigerne by Hostrup and it was performed in Danish

Puppet Art Festival

The Theatre Museum had an "open house" and a puppet festival on Culture Night dedicated to the work of puppeteer Jon E. Gudmundsson

Black and sugar-free

The street theater company Black and sugar-free was active in 1983-1986 and was a pioneer in street theatre in Iceland

The Mozart opera

An exhibition to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in collaboration with the Icelandic Cultural Heritage Museum

Puppets and set designs

Exhibition of the works of Jon E. Gudmundsson who was a pioneer in puppet theater in Iceland

Helgi Tómasson

An exhibition of the career of dancer and dance author Helgi Tómasson in the City Theatre

Lárus Ingólfsson

Larus was exceptionally versatile artist, a popular comedian and revue singer and the nation´s main set and costume designer

Royal furnitures

Exhibition of the memorial gift for the couple Poul Reumert and Anna Borg, the elegant furnitures from Poul Reumert´s dressing room

The museum father of Reykjavik

Larus Sigurbjörnsson was the first director of the Reykjavik Archives, Reykjavik City Library and of the Reykjavík City Museum and avid theater historian

An artist and a pioneer

Sigurdur Gudmundsson was a pioneer in Icelandic theatre and visual arts and changed the appearance of drama in Reykjavik in the 19th century

Laxness and the theatre

Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness was active in Icelandic theater as a sharp critic and a progressive playwright