The Theatre Museum´s website

The website was opened 22nd of January 2002 and contains information about the museum and Icelandic theatre history. These are the main features of the website:

SÝNINGAR (Exhibitions)

The Theatre Museum hosts regular exhibitions in various places, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions.The link is an opening page in English with a list of the exhibitions that have been held to date. Click on the links for photos, posters, catalogues and text in Icelandic.


News in Icelandic about the Theatre Museum´s events

GRUNNUR (Datebase)

The database contains information about Icelandic theatre history from 1850 and up to date, information about theatre artists, performances, roles and theatre companies. You can narrow your search by ticking in the boxes, Listamenn (Artists), Leiksýningar (Performances, Plays), Hlutverk (Roles) and Leikfélag (Theatre Companies). In the drop-down menus you can select years (Leikár/Til) and theatre companies (Aðeins leikfelag) 


Since collection work started in 2001 the Museum has acquired some very valuable private collections with various objects, manuscripts, models, drawings, photographs, costumes, puppets etc.

SAGAN (History)

A brief history of theatre in Iceland in English is here, but contents under the other links are as follows:

Islensk leikhús. The main theatres of Iceland in the last 200 years

Íslenskir leikhúsmenn. Various theatre personalities of Iceland

Annáll. Icelandic theatre annal 1796-2003

Greinar. Articles about Icelandic theatre history

Merkisdagar. Pages in commemoration of the centenaries of leading personalities in Icelandic theatre history


Contains practical information about the museum, contact information, board, logo, general assembly minutes, links etc.